Prime Minister Freundel Stuart has reiterated that all children, regardless of their origin, or socio-economic status, deserve to grow up in an enabling and healthy environment.

Mr. Stuart expressed this view yesterday as he delivered the feature address at the re-opening of the Marina Brewster Centre at Farrs, which was formerly named the Farrs Children???s Home.

He told his audience that children and adolescents should be respected as individuals. ???They are to be encouraged to keep their individual personalities and to develop a sense of personal identity. As members of a community of individuals they are to be provided with opportunities to nurture and to develop good moral values, as well as religious and cultural beliefs,??? he said.

The Prime Minister lauded The Maria Holder Memorial Trust for refurbishing the Children???s Home, saying it was a true example of the modern definition of philanthropy. He pointed out that the founders and Board of Trustees had made substantial philanthropic contributions to Barbados over the years.

???These individuals have a strong and compassionate commitment to Barbados and they have indicated their wish to continue to support significant projects on this island??? This Trust has provided Barbadian children with examples of excellence, has extended love and care to them, and has given them a platform upon which to build, and one which will enable them to develop into strong individuals. This will, in turn, enable them to build strong and positive communities and, by extension, a strong nation of Barbados,??? Mr. Stuart suggested.

He noted that the Trust had, among other things, extended and refurbished the Parkinson Community Centre and it has plans of building six nursery schools.

Construction work on the Marina Brewster Centre at Farrs began in 2012 and was completed in December 2013. The refurbished home may accommodate 30 children and it has an addition of two new dormitory blocks at the rear of the property.??Farrs Children???s Home was officially opened 47 years ago in 1967 to provide appropriate care for disadvantaged children.

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