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Prime Minister Mia Amor Mottley has called on the children of Barbados to become “litter police” for their country.

Ms. Mottley is encouraging the children to play their part in protecting their homeland by not littering and dissuading adults from engaging in this practice.

The Prime Minister made the comments recently during a post-Cabinet press conference, at Government Headquarters, which was attended by Attorney General, Dale Marshall.

“I want the children of Barbados to become the premier litter police for this country. If you see your mother, father, grandmother, grandfather, uncle, aunt, teacher, whoever, to very politely, don’t be rude, remind them that you can’t love me if you want to litter in my country.

“You can’t want better for me, if you want to litter in my country…. You can’t want … Barbados to be good, if people block drains and do things they should not do,” she stated.

Ms. Mottley, who visited Bahamas after Category Five Hurricane Dorian devastated the country, again urged Barbadians to ensure they were always prepared during the hurricane season.

“We have to do better and prepare for this new reality of the 21st century.  For us not to do so, would be to leave our people and our country exposed….  How we live has to change and that is why my allies must be the children of this country and this world, who are always faithful in any task they adopt,” she stressed.

She reminded the country that we are still in the hurricane season, which ends on November 30, and encouraged those who have not done so as yet, to clean up around them and clear drains, so as to mitigate flooding.


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