Acting Minister of the Environment, Denis Kellman (centre) is flanked by all the Recycling Awardees.????

Acting Minister of the Environment, Water Resources and Drainage, Denis Kellman, has reiterated Government’s commitment to the green economy, stressing that Government’s policy would be driven youth driven.

Speaking at Solid Waste Project Unit’s annual 4 R’s (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Recover) Fair at the Lloyd Erskine Sandiford Centre last weekend, Minister Kellman lauded the contribution of several school children as well as their parents and teachers, which ensured that recyclable items were separated from the island’s waste stream.

"It is a fact, that Barbados, in the last 20 years, has surpassed many expectations and has grown and prospered possible even beyond the vision of its former leaders. However, this prosperity has come at a steep price and we as a people presently generate over 1,000 tonnes of waste per day, which is more than three times the amount we generated back in 1993.

This sudden surge in waste generation has placed considerable pressure on the life expectancy of our landfills, and has also created an opportunity for people like you to turn waste into a resource," the Minister told his audience.

Emphasising that the Integrated Solid Waste Management Programme was actually the responsibility of every citizen and resident of Barbados, Minister Kellman lauded schools like St. Gabriel’s for not only encouraging recycling on the compound, but also urging parents and teachers to bring their recyclables from home.

"This effort is far reaching and significant and must be commended. Similarly, the efforts by the St. Winifred’s School have seen over 20,000 cans which would have gone into the landfill being sent for recycling instead. These 20,000 cans were collected at the school over a period of three months," the Minister underlined.

Commending students from the St. Winifred’s and Codrington Schools, which were also rewarded, Minister Kellman announced: "Our policy will be driven by the children of our country. To this end, I am asking this Ministry to have a programme and competition amongst all schools to teach us how to separate waste," he maintained.

Meanwhile, the Barbados Government Information Service was the lone Government department hailed for its recycling efforts, which has seen over $2,000 collected and presented to the HIV/AIDS Food Bank. The Ruby Park Community Group and the Graeme Hall Residents Association also received awards for their recycling programmes. ????

Minister Kellman said heads of Government departments would in the near future be "putting their heads together", mobilising resources and working assiduously to ensure that our environment is one that Barbadians can be proud of, and tourists would want to come to.

The 4R’s Fair, with attracted both public and private sector participation, is in its third year.??


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