Minister of Education and Human Resource Development, Ronald Jones (right), chats with pupils of Roland Edwards Primary School as they enjoy the facilities of the new play park. At left is Principal, Michael Watson.

Children at the Roland Edwards Primary School in Little Battaley’s, St. Peter have been urged to "learn well" as a way to reward our forefathers on whose hard work this nation was built.

This advice came from Minister of Education and Human Resource Development, Ronald Jones, yesterday, while delivering an address at the official reopening of the school’s play park.

Noting that the country was set to celebrate its 43rd year of Independence shortly, Minister Jones explained that the independence of our nation was a significant step which indicated that Barbadians had taken control of the destiny of their country.?? "You the children of the ???now generation’ are the fruits of the labours of others, of the labours of those involved in the development of our country…you have to carry the torch further than those who were a part of the first independence," he advised.

The Minister also pointed out that in the absence of significant natural resources, people were Barbados’ greatest asset.?? "We have no real natural resources…but what we have is people.?? You, the children of this nation help to make up that capital…that is why education is free from the cradle to the grave," he said.

Mr. Jones also commended teachers at the school for their dedication to pupils there.?? He further counseled them to incorporate technology wherever possible to make learning easier for students.??

He advised teachers not to be fearful of those students who seemed more advanced technologically than they were.?? He encouraged the teachers to increase their knowledge in this area.

Minister Jones thanked Spring Homes Ltd., Chefette Restaurants and the Royal Bank of Canada, for their contribution to the refurbishment of the play park.

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