Prime Minister Freundel Stuart??

China, a world power, and itself a permanent member of the United Nations (UN) Security Council, is eager to see more countries, particularly?? small developing states?? like Barbados, have a say in what comes before the Council and secure the right to vote.

In this regard, it said it would be lobbying to get an expanded membership of the Security Council and would be enlisting Barbados’ support. Premier Wen Jiabao today told Prime Minister Freundel Stuart that for too long the few major powers were dominating what transpired at the UN and it therefore had to broaden its sphere of influence to include other states.

For his part, the Barbados Prime Minister, while agreeing that the membership of the Council should be broad-based, said this country viewed it with much level-headedness, as there were many conflicting matters and special and personal interests to resolve. Patience and prudence must be taken in coming to a final conclusion, he said.

"We believe that we can bring to bear an informed decision on this matter, so that a rational and amicable conclusion could be arrived at," he noted.

In a related matter, Prime Minister Stuart told Premier Wen that Barbados highly valued the role China plays in world development and global discourse. He noted China’s efforts in reducing carbon emissions at home and for bringing an awareness to the important issue of climate change.

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