The contribution of former educator, Milton Leo Lynch, to the educational landscape of Barbados has been officially recognised by government.

The acknowledgement of his work was highlighted today when Minister of Education and Human Resource Development, Ronald Jones, officially renamed the Christ Church Boys’ School, the Milton Lynch Primary School after Mr. Lynch its former principal.

Minister Jones described Mr. Lynch as “a strong leader, who led by example.”

He pointed out that Mr. Lynch’s career began in the 1930’s, during a time of social change. “Barbadians were becoming restless over the adverse social and economic conditions in the country. Mr. Lynch saw education as a vehicle by which young children could chart a different destiny…He inspired them to excellence in education,” Mr. Jones explained.

According to him, the teacher of 44 years, 17 of which were spent at the Christ Church Boys’ School, “was a true constructivist in his time. He embraced and practised the concept of constructivism, that is, students learn from being actively involved. He saw his students as active learners rather than passive receivers of information.”

Mr. Jones pointed to the numerous prizes won by the Christ Church Boys’ School under Mr. Lynch’s tenure. “According to records, under his tenure, the school won many prizes at the annual Agricultural Exhibition. Mr. Lynch continued his commitment to the development of life skills and enrolled his students in the 4H Movement in the early 1960’s. He used his talents in crafts to promote the creative talents of the boys,” he said.

Minister Jones also encouraged teachers present at the renaming ceremony to follow the example set by Mr. Lynch. “The name of Milton Lynch is synonymous with professional excellence and integrity. Such qualities must be inculcated and perpetuated throughout our teaching fraternity. We all must aspire to leave a legacy of kindness and fairness,” he added. 

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