Minister of Education and Human Resource Development, Ronald Jones,??addressing pupils of the Water Street Girls’ School??at the??launch of its Child Friendly School (CFS) Programme.

Christ Church Girls’, has become the second primary school in Barbados to officially launch its Child Friendly School (CFS) Programme.

The initiative is aimed at transforming classroom culture through the use of alternative practices to of classroom discipline.

Speaking at the launch of the venture today at the school’s Water Street location, Minister of Education and Human Resource Development, Ronald Jones, lauded the establishment for adopting the programme. He noted that the principles outlined in the project were already a part of the culture of the school.

Mr. Jones also praised teachers for committing to the development of the CFS. He explained: "In a child friendly classroom, the teacher is the mentor, the facilitator of learning and the coordinator of learning activities. Creativity, openness, flexibility, tolerance, good leadership and organisational skills become the avenues through which effective learning and teaching is maintained.

"Classroom management that enhances development is child-centred and promotes active learning.?? The teacher’s role must be to observe, discuss, probe, extend ideas and engage children in meaningful, positive learning experiences," the

Education Minister observed.

Principal of the school, Heather Bryan, pledged her commitment to ensuring that the CFS programme was sustained.?? She reiterated the Minister’s comments that the school had been implementing some of the standards proposed by the CFS, for some time.?? Ms. Bryan added that the implementation of the programme would bring regularity

and structure to existing plans, and bring those ideas which were in the embryonic stage into existence.

The school also used the occasion to launch its website, as well as a CD on the CFS.

The first school to implement the CFS programme was Hillaby Turner’s Hall Primary in 2007.?? Nine other schools are expected to launch the CFS this year.

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