Minister of International Business and International Transport, George??Hutson presents E. Anthony Archer with one of his gifts of appreciation for his outstanding contribution to civil aviation in Barbados. (A. Gaskin/BGIS)??

Recent retirees of the Civil Aviation Department were celebrated last night as the unsung heroes of the tourism industry, for their "exemplary contribution to the success of the Department and civil aviation in Barbados".

This was the description used by the Minister of International Business and International Transport, George Hutson, as he addressed an awards ceremony and cocktail reception under the theme Wind Beneath our Wings.?? It was held at The Crane Residential Resort as part of Civil Aviation Week.

He told the retirees: "Many of us do not realise the intricate nature of the job that you undertake on a daily basis, the extremely high standards that must be met, and the meticulous attention that must be paid to every detail."

Mr. Hutson brought to light the valuable contribution the Department made to the tourism industry, pointing to the fact that "safety and security are at the heart of what you [civil aviation] do and those are also key elements of our tourism brand, which, in many cases, start at the airport".

He, therefore, applauded the "phenomenal safety record" of the air traffic controllers stating: "Every year, millions of passengers are transported safely through scheduled air operations.

"There can be no room for error or the taking of shortcuts, as this can result in lives lost. It can, therefore, be a very high-stressed area in which to work."

Department and the Ministry respectively, including: E. Anthony Archer, Pat Callender, Kingsley Clarke, Burke Byran, Clyde Outram, Sam Waite and Ian Archer.

Awardees also included Reynold Allman, Faye Arthur, Winston Ashby, Mark Best, David Broomes, Ivor Gill, Ellerton Griffith, Othniel Harewood, Adorial Maxwell-Hazell, Leric Hunte, Mark Lorde, Jeffrey Manning, and Elizabeth Newton.


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