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The Barbados Fire Service (BFS) has sought to provide an explanation for new aspects of the revised Fire Service (Fees) Order 2020.

Under the new Order, Permits to Burn do not relate to domestic activities among family and friends at their homes.  For example, it does not apply to backyard barbecues.

In a statement issued today by the BFS to explain the Order, it was noted that the Burn Permit applied to burning in situations where the public’s health and safety would be of concern.

Meanwhile, the second new provision, Repeat Responses to False Alarms, applies to instances where the BFS is required to respond to a facility more than twice a month, as a result of malfunctioning or poorly maintained fire alarm systems.

According to the new Order, on the third occasion and every time after that in the same month, the occupier/owner will be charged. To view the full Order, persons should visit the Barbados Fire Service’s website.

Barbados Fire Service

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