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Barbados’ CARICOM Youth Ambassadors, Tirshatha Jeffrey and Chad Monerville are spearheading a clean-up exercise over the weekend, as part of activities leading up to CARICOM Day, on July 4.

It will take place this Sunday, June 30, from 9:00 a.m., at the school they have adopted, St. Giles Primary, Ivy Main Road, St Michael.

Ms. Jeffrey explained that the initiative was part of their programme objectives, and was also a way of “bringing greater awareness about environmental issues, so as to foster more positive behaviours and impacts”.

She is inviting Barbadians, especially young people, to join in the clean-up efforts on Sunday, noting that students of the Barbados Community College and the University of the West Indies would be able to use the hours as part of their community service requirements.

Interested individuals may register to volunteer by sending an email to cya@barbados.gov.bb.


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