Minister of the Environment and National Beautification, Adrian Forde, speaking to residents and the media on plans for the Clean and Green project at Ferniehurst, Black Rock. (B. Hinds/BGIS)

A pasture area at Ferniehurst, Black Rock, which will be transformed into a natural green space in two weeks, will serve the community in more ways than one, thanks to the Ministry of the Environment and National Beautification.

This was outlined today by Minister Adrian Forde, who addressed residents and media representatives on plans proposed for Ferniehurst, where the launch of the Clean and Green initiative represented the fourth leg of the project.

While telling residents what they do today is going to redefine their way of life, Minister Forde stressed that they would now have a recreational space, which “was truly deserved”, and an area where they could relax after their sporting activities.

Further noting that it would satisfy the commercial needs of residents, he said: “Along with greening the environment, we are saying to Barbadians, here it is, a chance and opportunity to be part of a green economic post-COVID-19 recovery; these persons in Barbados, all the young and the old, must play an active role in terms of our recovery.”

Mr. Forde also reiterated that his Ministry intended to undertake the Clean and Green project across every “nook and cranny” of Barbados, and urged residents to remember that the community belonged to them, and as such, they should play their part in ensuring no illegal dumping and littering occurred.

Adding that “Clean and Green” was a simple mantra of his Ministry, Mr. Forde said it was about “how we keep it clean; how we keep it green” and he stressed: “We are going to ensure that we beautify this country; we create commercial green spaces and we have recreational spaces for the community.”

The clean up aspects and commercial activity at Ferniehurst are also expected to be accompanied by a campaign, which will keep residents educated and enlightened with tips on how to take care of their environment, and the importance of waste management.  

There is also a bulk waste clean up and community engagement set for Thursday, December 10, in the community.

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