In addition to the 25 hotels which are already open, a growing number of hotels have indicated that they are preparing to reopen. (Stock Photo)

Commercial flights have resumed, guests are coming back into Barbados, Barbadians are coming back home and with this, close to 25 hotels have re-opened on the island, following the COVID-19 lockdown earlier this year.

This information was shared on Friday as Minister of Tourism and International Transport, Senator Lisa Cummins, along with other tourism officials, received a guided tour of the Crane Resort in St. Philip from its owner Paul Doyle.

Senator Cummins revealed that in addition to the 25 already open, a growing number of hotels had indicated that they are preparing to reopen and were willing to facilitate both quarantine and self-isolation on their hotel properties.

Ms. Cummins noted that Crane Resorts was one of the first hotels to offer their property for quarantine purposes and have implemented a commendable programme.

 “We want to be able to share with all of you what has been done in a property like the Crane, where visitors are able to vacation safely, and Barbadians. This is a favourite spot for Barbadians, who come here every year and staycation both in season and off season. We want to be able to show Barbadians what is being done at the Crane to keep you safe while you’re here enjoying your staycation,” she stated.

Owner of the Crane Resort, Paul Doyle, explained that under the ‘Crane Confidence Programme’, coloured wristbands were distributed to guests to identify their status, and their level of accessibility to the property and its amenities.

He noted that visitors who arrived without a negative PCR test were issued with a red wristband, which meant that they were restricted to their rooms and would receive their meals by room service. 

Persons who have arrived with a negative PCR test and will receive their second test within two days receive a blue wristband, are restricted to the resort with access to a designated pool but are not allowed to access restaurants, bars, spa, gyms or retail stores.

Green wristbands are issued to locals on staycation at the Crane Resort and to all guests who are in receipt of two negative PCR tests.  These wristbands afford guests full access to all amenities the resort offers and permission to go offsite.  Guests must wear their wristbands at all times and adhere to all the protocols in place – social distancing, hand sanitising and wearing of masks.

Mr. Doyle also stressed that that there was “no question” that guests had to follow the protocols. Failure to comply, he said, would result in the Ministry of Health and Wellness being informed, and if needed, the guests from the property for the protection of both staff and guests.

Chief Marketing Officer of the Crane Resort, Annmarie Thompson, shared that staff at the hotel received extensive training in COVID-19 protocols for hotels via zoom, as well as on the job. She added that a majority of the hotel’s staff was back at work following the lockdown, with some persons working remotely.

While on the tour, Senator Cummins saw firsthand how the resort has implemented its COVID-19 protocols for guest quarantining there, and was also shown one of the rooms were guests are being quarantined.  In addition, Housekeeping Manager, John Alleyne, and two of his staff demonstrated how they sanitise rooms being used for quarantine purposes.

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