Prime Minister David Thompson poses with some of the pupils of the Codrington School.

The teachers, administrators, and all those persons involved in making The Codrington School a success must be commended for their efforts.

This view was expressed recently by Prime Minister David Thompson as he addressed the students of the school after touring the facilities.

Describing the school’s use of the baccalaureate programme as “a very important project for Barbados”, Mr. Thompson said this was because “we attract not only visitors, but people who come and stay and live with us and work here.” Therefore, he said,  having a programme like this “is extremely helpful”.

“One of the reasons why we place such a great premium on education is because it’s been a very important way of helping our young people to achieve their goals later in life,” he added.

Principal of The Codrington School, Dennison Mackinnon, explained that the school’s programme was designed to give an international dimension to the educational programme in Barbados.

He also pointed out that when the school was established in 2002, it was the Ministry of Education which suggested that the programmes of the international baccalaureate be considered.

“We use content from the Barbados national curriculum, bring cutting edge pedagogy and assessment techniques along, and offer an education which is substantive in its own right for those children who are here from the age of three to the age of 18.

“It also enables children from internationally mobile families, perhaps in Barbados for a few years, who then need to move on somewhere else, to have a programme which will enable them to fit with the least difficulty possible, smoothly into a similar programme at another international school somewhere else,” Mr. Mackinnon stated.

The Principal noted that there were 135 children from 22 different nationalities on the school’s roll who lived “together by the values which we espouse which include international mindedness, fair play, having a balanced life, integrity, and the values which mark us out as human beings.” 

The Codrington School uses a variety of assessment techniques to evaluate its students including paper and pencil testing, rubrics and portfolios. (GA) 

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