Minister of Health, Donville Inniss??

Minister of Health, Donville Inniss, will be attending the Sixteenth Meeting of the Council for Human and Social Development (COHSOD) on Health in St. Lucia, from April 27-28.

The meeting will focus on the Pan Caribbean Partnership Against HIV & AIDS Policy Agenda for 2012-2013, as it relates to the Integration of HIV into Primary Health Care. It follows the Regional Expert Group Meeting of Caribbean Health Professionals in Trinidad and Tobago in February, this year, which reviewed the meta-analysis of health system assessments done in nine countries to identify the key policy areas related to Integration of HIV in Primary Health Care.

The Sixteenth Special Meeting of COHSOD proposes to address issues related to: the financial status of the regional response and financial sustainability of HIV programmes at country and regional levels; matters arising from the Caribbean Public Health Agency Executive Board Meeting requiring Ministerial ratification; and the elimination of vertical transmission of HIV and Congenital Syphilis.


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