A delegation from Colombia will arrive in Barbados on Tuesday, April 17 to meet with officials from the Coastal Zone Management Unit (CZMU).

Deputy Director of the CZMU, Dr. Lorna Inniss, said the officials were visiting Barbados to observe and understand methodologies used for shoreline stabilisation and to discuss the possibilities of getting technical assistance.

During the visit, the Colombian delegates are expected to visit a number of coastal project sites across Barbados.

The CZMU has had requests for assistance from countries, including Grenada, to deal with coastal erosion and climate change issues.

In addition, the unit is currently involved in a number of programmes including the Tsunami and Coastal Hazard Warning System for the Caribbean and adjacent region, and the Caribbean Marine Atlas.

The CZMU is also working on the Caribbean Large Marine Eco-system Project which looks at the governance of the shared living marine resources of the Caribbean Sea.


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