The transition to Erdiston Teachers??? Training College (ETTC) by teachers, ancillary staff and fifth form students of Combermere School has been smooth so far, says Principal Vere Parris.

He said: ???All fifth forms are officially represented here today, with just over 140 of those students present???So far things have settled quite nicely. We met with the students and all staff ??? ancillary and teaching.???

The Principal was speaking to the Barbados Government Information Service during a visit to the College at Pine Hill, St. Michael.??

Mr. Parris pointed out that they were instructed about how the day would be organised and where classes would be conducted in the available rooms at the ETTC.

The Principal added that apart from the set classes for the day ??? English and Geography ??? others had been scheduled since teachers had met with Heads of Departments on Friday, April 24, and would have determined with their particular groups [of students] some special sessions necessary for preparing students for their exams.

???The students will go off on examination leave at the end of this week, so they were able to determine which subjects they wanted to focus on and they (teachers) would have wanted to have little tutorial sessions with those students as well,??? he noted, adding that at least one sixth form class was expected to be on the Erdiston compound today to take a module test.

According to Mr. Parris, sixth formers who are slated to come on Wednesday, April 29, and Thursday, April 30, will undergo a similar schedule of work as well as some module tests that have to be done.

With expectations that not only today but the remainder of the week would go well, Mr. Parris said, nonetheless: ???We are hoping to be back at Waterford by next week if all goes to plan. The sooner the matter is treated the better for all concerned??? the school is being industrially cleaned.???

Between today and Thursday, April 30, over 180 fifth formers and 200 sixth formers are expected to converge at the Erdiston Teachers??? Training College while the school at Waterford remains closed for the week.

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