First to Fourth year students of Combermere School have settled in well at the Samuel Jackman Prescod Polytechnic (SJPP), says Principal Vere Parris.

???So far, this morning we have been able to get our students organised into their various areas of accommodation, and we are particularly pleased that the management of the SJPP has been able to accommodate us here, while we complete our work at Waterford,??? Mr. Parris said.

He noted that while buses were provided by the Transport Board from different locations, most students seemed to have boarded the one bus at the school and all arrived safely.

Pointing out that exams were taking place at the SJPP, he stressed that staff and students were ???really thankful??? that they were being accommodated.??And, he said: ???So what-ever we do, we have to bear in mind that our students are operating in an exam environment with the other students of this institution. But, so far, the settling in seems to have gone reasonably well.???

With Combermere students also expected to be off tomorrow, as a result of the Barbados Secondary Schools??? Entrance Examination, Mr. Parris anticipates that the second day (Wednesday), will also go well. ???We expect everything will go smoothly from the second day here because people by then will become particularly familiar with the facility.???

While stating that some fourth formers were set to write external exams as well, he said: ???We are giving more attention to some of those students who are writing external exams as well. For example, our entire fourth year will write the English ???A??? CSEC exam, and quite a number of our Fourth Forms are writing the CSEC Mathematics examination, so more attention is being given to them. They have been allocated a few additional periods to make up for any periods that might have been lost.???

Over 714 students from the First to Fourth forms are being accommodated at the SJPP, as work continues on the school at Waterford. Meanwhile, there has been a change in the departure time for the bus leaving the Combermere School. The bus will now leave at 7:30 a.m. for the SJPP. The departure times for the other locations remain the same.

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