Barbadians can now learn more about what is contained in the Guidelines for Good Indoor Air Quality Code of Practice.

The document, which was recently issued by the Barbados National Standards Institution (BNSI), is now available online here.??

Following the perusal of this document, persons are invited to make comments on the standard via email to

Written comments may also be submitted to Technical Officer, Engineering and Building Components, Johnathan Platt, at the BNSI office, ???Flodden???, Culloden Road, St. Michael, by Friday, December 5.

According to Mr. Platt, the purpose of the document is to provide good indoor air quality for office premises. With air quality in air-conditioned offices being a subject of concern for many, and considered a health issue because of the amount of time spent in these premises, the Technical Officer believes that people should familiarise themselves with its contents.

???Good indoor air quality can lead to improved productivity at the workplace. On the other hand, poor indoor air quality will cause productivity to drop because of comfort problems, ill health and sickness absenteeism,??? he said.

The publication also stipulates acceptable values for selected parameters, and provides information on the potential health effects of indoor contaminants, as well as an action plan to achieve good indoor air quality.

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