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The public is asked to note that the Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs is aware of the recall of a number of products.

The Department stated today that Performance Design Products has recalled the Energizer® XBOX ONE 2X Smart Chargers due to the battery chargers overheating and thus damaging the XBOX ONE video game controller, posing a burn hazard to consumers.

The chargers are black plastic and measure about 3.5 inches long, five inches wide and 11 inches tall. Energizer® is printed on the charger’s label. Item number 048-052-NA is printed on the bottom of the chargers. The chargers hold up to two XBOX controllers.

The second item to be recalled is Livly Children’s robes and two-piece pajama sets, due to the Violation of Federal Flammability Standards, thus posing a risk of burn injuries to children.

The recalled two-piece sets are a long-sleeve top and pants and have a sewn-in side fabric label that has “LIVLY”, RN number 146214 and  www.livlyclothing.com<http://www.livlyclothing.com>” printed on it.

The two-piece sets also have a printed label with “LIVLY” on the back of the neck and at the back of the pants. The recalled robes have a chest pocket on the left side with the word “Mini” embroidered on it; two pockets at the bottom; and one snap-closure on the right side above the abdomen for closure.

A belt is attached to the center back of the robe and an outline of a sleeping face is embroidered on the back of the robe. A fabric label with “LIVLY” and the size is sewn on the inside of the neck of the robe.

To this end, the Standards Administration Unit of the Department is currently working with importers and distributors to ascertain whether the affected items have been imported into Barbados.

Persons who have travelled and bought any of these products from overseas for their personal use, should check to confirm that they do not have any of the recalled products.


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