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The National Chronic Non-Communicable Diseases (NCD) Commission has applauded a youth initiative aimed at drawing attention to childhood obesity and other issues related to unhealthy lifestyle practices.

It is Schools Against Non-Communicable Diseases, which announced plans this week for a Charity Fun Walk and Health Fair next Tuesday, July 4.

Chairman of the NCD Commission, Professor Sir Trevor Hassell, stated: “This activity by this group of young people highlights the fact that Barbadians increasingly recognise the need to live healthier lives, in particular, the need to eat healthy meals, be more physically active, not smoke and avoid ‘the harmful use’ of alcohol, in an effort to prevent and control NCDs.”

Sir Trevor commended the young people for taking the lead in highlighting the concern about unhealthy living and the need for action by all Barbadians. He also praised them for emphasising the need for more physical activity programmes in schools, as well as for their support of the tax on sugar-sweetened beverages.

“In addition, they support several calls by the Ministry of Health for schools to be made healthier for children by the prohibition of the sale, marketing and promotion of soft drinks and unhealthy junk food on schools’ premises,” Sir Trevor acknowledged.

The Commission chairman called on all sectors to play their part in the national effort aimed at healthier living. “In particular, the private manufacturing business sector needs to take necessary action to provide healthier food and beverage options for Barbados, including less highly sugar-sweetened food and beverages,” he insisted.

Sir Trevor further stressed the need for “ongoing appropriate and effective legislation to make the healthy choice the more affordable choice”.

National Chronic Non-Communicable Diseases Commission

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