Science and technology will come into sharp focus, when Barbados joins the rest of the world in celebrating World Commonwealth Day, on Monday, March 8.

Under the theme: Science, Technology and Society, the day will give credence to the major role played by science and technology in the economic and human development of nations.

Director of the National Council for Science and Technology (NCST), Lennox Chandler, described the day as significant, but, he lamented that some Barbadians were still "turning a blind eye to the importance of science".

He added: "Unfortunately, only a few Barbadians recognise the important role science plays in areas such as pharmaceuticals and cosmetics …the foundation for these types of businesses were built from the application of science.

"When we speak about innovation, some people still do not realise that over 80 per cent of innovations will have their genesis in science or technology.?? We are still not making that connection."

In relation to the NCST’s thrust to popularise science and technology, Mr.Chandler alluded to a stepped-up emphasis on community innovation. "The NCST is hoping to have a programme where we could spread the gospel of innovation across Barbados to stir up their creative juices and spur on innovation," he noted.??

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