Minister of Culture, Stephen Lashley, making a point to the sponsors of the Community Independence Celebrations Secretariat’s Lighting Programme 2012, while Permanent Secretary, Shirley Farnum, and Coordinator of the Secretariat, Curtis Gibbons, listen attentively. (CICS)??

Government is on a mission to involve more communities in the celebration of this island’s independence.

This disclosure came recently from Minister of Family, Culture, Sports and Youth, Stephen Lashley, after he met with representatives of the Community Independence Celebrations Secretariat and sponsors to discuss the Lighting Programme for 2012.

Mr. Lashley said: "We agreed that we will focus much more on community engagement. We will seek not only to light roundabouts, but engage with communities across Barbados and have them participate in lighting up their districts.

"And, to that effect, I have asked the Secretariat to meet with community groups and organisations at the community level and seek to have them form committees and interact with the Secretariat to ensure we can make the lighting up more significant for independence."

He noted that several communities had indicated an interest in this initiative and he disclosed that there was "an offer to light up King George V Memorial Park".

The Minister promised that there would be further discussions with the sponsors and appealed to other business people to sponsor roundabouts.

"Some business houses were unable to sponsor [roundabouts] because of financial constraints. But, I am hoping that this year, particularly with early planning, the sponsors can factor in the cost in their budgets and see this event as important for enlightening Barbadians about the importance of independence. I think Barbadians look forward to the lighting up of roundabouts as it adds to the spirit of the nation," Mr. Lashley suggested.

There are 30 roundabouts in existence and 11 were lit last year.


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