Government’s pledge to renovate the Community Centres across the island will soon come to fruition.

Minister of Community Development, Steve Blackett, gave this assurance today, as he addressed the launch of the National Lessons Assistance Programme (NLAP), at the Warrens Office Complex.

"Shortly, you will be witnessing the refurbishment and extension of the Community Resource Centre at Parkinson, the Pine…Also coming on stream in the new financial year will be the extensive refurbishment?? of the St. Marks Community and Resource Centre," the Community Development Minister stated.

He stressed that "meaningful community activity", such as the NLAP, would take place at these centres on an on-going basis.

"It should be stated that, where possible, these Community Centres will serve as a gateway for information for the various communities and their residents. They will serve as internet cafes, allowing for e-commerce at the community level," Mr. Blackett outlined.

Refurbishment of the Community Centres will be on a "phased basis" following an evaluation by Government.??

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