The Ministry of Family, Culture, Sports and Youth will host a series of Community Christmas Carolling programmes at seven locations across the island, commencing on Monday, December 17, at Gall Hill, Christ Church.

Following on the heels of the Community Christmas Concerts held in 2010 and 2011, this Community Christmas Carolling initiative seeks to share the message of this year’s theme Sharing, Caring and Healthy Living, by utilising school choirs, community groups, chorales and church choirs, accompanied by tuk bands and drummers.

Traditional and creative Christmas carols will be sung throughout communities with stops at two or three locations within the districts.

The concerts will run from 4:00 to 6:00 p.m. each day. The venues and dates are as follows: Gall Hill Play Park to Silver Hill Hard Court, Christ Church, Monday, December 17; Desmond Haynes Complex to Haynesville, St. James, Tuesday, December 18; New Orleans Pavilion to Emmerton Lane Commercial Centre, St. Michael, Wednesday, December 19; Half Moon Fort Primary to Checker Hall Pavilion, St. Lucy, Thursday, December 20; St. John Primary School to Gall Hill Pavilion, St. John, Friday, December 21; and YMPC, St. Paul’s Avenue to Jessamy Avenue/Hard Court, Bayland, St. Michael, Saturday, December 22.

The Ministry is also appealing to residents to contribute to the HIV/AIDS Food Bank during the programme. Provision will be made for collection in all districts.

In addition, the Youth Development Programme HIV/AIDS educators will be in the communities sharing information and interacting with residents.


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