The Ministry of Sports is seeking to use its Block Draughts Tournament to focus on disaster management and HIV/AIDS awareness.

According to Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Sports, Ruth Blackman, this year???s draughts tournament, in partnership with the Department of Emergency Management (DEM), will also expose participants to disaster emergency management training, first aid training, and HIV/AIDS awareness.

Speaking at the Ministry???s headquarters in Sky Mall, the Permanent Secretary noted the need for all members of society to be exposed to disaster emergency management training and HIV/AIDS education.

She said the tournament would be used to assist in targeting specific groups, and that the Ministry???s internal HIV/AIDS committee would assist in the public education.

Acting Director of the DEM, Kerry Hinds, stated that although her organisation conducted other programmes which educate members of the public on disaster management, the tournament provided a unique opportunity.

???This draughts tournament was an opportunity to expand???and target a section of the community that probably was missing or wasn???t necessarily that knowledgeable about what we do at the DEM,??? she explained.

Ms. Hinds noted that the DEM would use the tournament to provide persons with a basic awareness of the functions of her department, the District Emergency Organisations, disaster management and First Aid.

The HIV/AIDS Block Draughts Tournament is set to run from Monday, October 12, until Monday, February 29, 2016. This year, a record 32 teams are set to compete, a notable increase from the eight teams which competed in the tournament???s first run in 2012.

There has also been a significant increase in this year???s cash prizes, with the winning team to be awarded BDS$2,000, up from BDS $400 for last year???s tournament. Overall, the prize money for the 2015 tournament has increased from BDS $5,050 to BDS $9,050.

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