Government has commissioned a comprehensive land use Community Plan for the area stretching from St. David???s, Christ Church to Six Roads, St. Philip, to guide development there over a five-year period.

This disclosure has come from Chief Town Planner, Mark Cummins, who said Ecoisle Consulting Inc., in conjunction with the UK-based firm Globe International, has been contracted to prepare the Plan.

Giving the background to the Community Plan, Mr. Cummins stated: ???During the past 10 years, the Town and Country Development Planning Office received a number of applications to subdivide or change the use of agricultural land in the area, stretching from St. David???s to Six Roads, for residential and commercial purposes.

???With the increasing pressure to change the use of the land in that area, and to assist in the decision-making process, we thought it necessary to have a comprehensive land use analysis of the area prepared.???

He explained that the amended Physical Development Plan had allocated the majority of the land there as agricultural, adding that it consists of prime agricultural lands.

There are some pockets of residential settlements located in this area, including Edey Village, Searles Tenantry, Fair View, Woodbourne and Foursquare Valley.

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