Press briefing on the COVID Community Engagement Project – November 17, 2021. (PMO)

A social worker and counsellor has expressed several concerns about the behaviour of Barbadians during the upcoming Christmas season and in light of the adjusted curfew hours in this COVID-19 environment.

Susette Neblett-Straughn, who is working with the Ministry of Health and Wellness’ new COVID Community Engagement Project, said today at a media briefing, hosted by Public Advisor on COVID-19, David Ellis, that we had to be concerned since Barbadians loved Christmas.

Stressing that more persons were going to be on the road “and obviously for longer periods”, she noted the cultural practice in Barbados was to engage in “last minute shopping” and there would be “the crowds”, which would be one of the biggest concerns for social workers.

Mrs. Neblett-Straughn further noted that the society would have to be concerned about children being “out and about” with parents being at work and some children being left on their own.

“We haven’t started the vaccine yet for the under 12s; so that’s a concern for us too, as a social work group,” she said, while also highlighting the issue of persons being re-infected with COVID-19.

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