Keith Barrow (FP)

Director of the Drainage Division, Keith Barrow, has sounded the alarm against two situations now affecting his department, and is calling on perpetrators to stop immediately.

In the first instance, Mr. Barrow noted that drainage covers were being stolen and possibly being sold by the thieves, and he has also expressed concern about coconut shells, thrown into drainage ditches and blocking the wells.

He noted that within recent months, the grill covers used to cover drains managed by his department were stolen from areas such as Durants Development and Lodge Road, in Christ Church and the Pine, in St. Michael.

"Over the last couple of months it has become more of a problem," Mr. Barrow added.

The Director warned that removing the grills could present a danger to pedestrian and vehicular traffic, and resulted in debris flowing into the wells thereby increasing the possibility of flooding.

He noted that the problem was particularly evident from vendors operating in Kendal Hill, Christ Church, just outside the Texaco Service Station.

As a result, members of the public and those responsible for blocking drains or stealing metal grills are being urged to desist from such practices as they can pose a danger to society.


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