Students admiring images of sea life at Consett Bay during an exhibition last year. (FP)

Work on the Consett Bay pilot project entitled, Upscaling Sustainable Resource Management in Coastal Watershed Communities of Barbados’ National Park and System of Open Space, is continuing at a feverish pace. The project is expected to be completed by next month.

This was disclosed by Programme co-ordinator at the Centre for Resource Management and Environmental Studies (CERMES) at the University of the West Indies, Neetha Selliah.

She said that overall, stakeholders were pleased with the progress made on the project.

"It has been a very nice and quiet project. It is a preliminary project to gather baseline information for future work to be done, and also, to capture the vibe and feel down there [in Consett Bay]," she said.

Ms. Selliah further noted that residents were very co-operative and were working alongside officials to make the project a success. "The key for us is not to make promises we cannot keep," she revealed, adding that the United Nations Environment Project and the Ministry of Environment were happy with progress made so far.

She urged all those living in Consett Bay, College Savannah, Sealy Hall, Sergeant Street, St. Mark’s and College Bottom, St. John; and students of The Lodge School, Mount Tabor, St. Margarets, St. Marks, St. John and Society Primary Schools to get involved in the Consett Bay Photo competition.

"The aim is to get residents to take pictures of some of the things that are happening in their community, the scenery or something abstract," she pointed out.

Ms. Selliah added that bulletin boards were also erected in the area and progress reports completed. In addition, she noted that information on the project could now be found on its website at: http://cavehill.uwi.edu/cermes/consetbay.html. "All information relating to the project will be added to the website," she said, adding there was also a photo gallery.

The project, which was launched last October, follows other initiatives in the area such as the Sustainable Fishing Educational Exposition in Consett Bay during 2009 and 2010. Its objectives include improving the management and monitoring of near-shore marine and terrestrial natural resources within coastal watershed areas, and enhancing the capacity of the local fishing community to participate in sustainable fisheries governance and management.

Among the latest developments surrounding the project is the extension of the deadline for the Consett Bay photo competition to February 29; the erection of bulletin boards in the St. John community; and the launching of a web page last month.

These follow a series of other activities, including stakeholder meetings and video presentations held to give residents more insight into the project and planning.


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