Minister of Tourism and International Transport, Richard Sealy, has urged students who are undecided about their careers, to consider the tourism industry as a viable option.

He offered this advice to the 2013 graduating class of the Welches Primary School yesterday, while delivering the feature address at the school???s graduation ceremony at the 3W???s Oval, University of the West Indies, Cave Hill Campus.

Mr. Sealy described the industry as the lifeblood of the island???s economy, providing jobs that were professionally and financially rewarding.
???Many people hearing about jobs in the sector think that it is only about hotels???it is much more than that. The industry comprises eight sub-sectors such as accommodations; adventure tourism; transportation; attractions; travel; events and conferences and ancillary tourism services.

???The industry is the major foreign exchange earner in Barbados and has remained so for a number of years. So, I would certainly want to encourage you to consider and explore the career opportunities in the industry as we would need your expertise, skills and talents in the future,??? he said.

The Minister told the students that once they entered the industry, they had the opportunity to become leaders, head chefs, entrepreneurs and developers. He addressed those students whose career choice may not be in tourism, to familiarise themselves with the ???lifeblood of our economy.???

Minister Sealy also advised the students that they should participate in the programmes being offered by the Ministry such as the Florida Caribbean Cruise Association Essay and Poster Competition and the annual Speech Competition that culminated with the awarding of the Junior Minister of Tourism.

???These are excellent opportunities for you to learn about the sector and how it operates and to see it as a possible avenue for you to pursue a career or to express ideas through art, creative writing and public speaking,??? Mr. Sealy stressed.

The top students Odean Briscoe and Christina Highland will be attending Alexandra and Queens College, respectively in September.

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