Minister of Constituency Empowerment, Christopher Sinckler (centre), admires one of the photocopiers presented by Barbados Business Machines’ General Manager, George Connolly. Looking on is Acting Permanent Secretary, Ruth Blackman.

Government’s move to establish 30 Constituency Councils received a half-million dollar boost today with the presentation of 30 photocopiers by Barbados Business Machines’ General Manager, George Connolly. Their total worth is some BDS $600, 000.

Mr. Connolly, in making the presentation to Minister of Constituency Empowerment, Christopher Sinckler, indicated that the multi-purpose copiers were being given at no cost to the Ministry.  He said: “Hopefully, this gesture will allow the constituency offices to operate effectively and for the Ministry to discharge the mandate that it has.  We just hope that this gesture brings about the sort of goodwill that the community offices, hopefully, will bring to the communities under their charge.”

Minister Sinckler, in accepting the copiers, termed it “a fantastic gesture”. He said: “…Since the early 1990s, we’ve had a strong social partnership between the state, the private sector and the labour unions.  And, this is a demonstration of the fantastic relationship that has developed over the years between our sides, and in particular the work which BBM has done, not only with the Government but with community organisations across Barbados. We accept this gift filled with the knowledge that Government cannot do it all on its own, and that we need resources. We need assistance and what better way to demonstrate the whole mandate, the purpose, the involvement of cooperation among citizens within communities across Barbados.” 

Adding that this was a real demonstration of the willingness of the private sector and Government to work together, he said it should send a signal to the rest of the business community to partner with Government at the community level.

Minister Sinckler, who pointed out that the presentation was an expensive one and the machines were sensitive, remarked that constituents and council members should use them with “the due care and attention that is necessary” so that the copies would be at their “disposal for as long as is humanly and technologically possible”. 

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