Minister of Energy and Water Resources, Wilfred Abrahams, noted that the construction of the temporary marine outfall is of national priority and must be completed as soon as possible. (FP)

Around the clock work has begun on the emergency temporary marine outfall off Worthing Beach.

Minister of Energy and Water Resources, Wilfred Abrahams, in a press conference held at the Ministry’s office last Friday, revealed that the next step in addressing the south coast sewage issue was to construct a temporary outfall 1, 000 metres offshore from Worthing Beach, Christ Church.

This decision was made by Cabinet based on a report received from Baird Consultants, who analyzed hydrographic modelling results from studies conducted over the last four months and instruction was given to the Barbados Water Authority (BWA) to proceed with the construction of the emergency marine outfall off Worthing Beach.

Minister Abrahams noted that this project is of national priority and must be completed as soon as possible. To achieve this objective, the BWA has urgently assembled a team of technical persons and has entered into contracts with four companies to undertake aspects of the works required to complete the installation of the marine outfall.

The construction of this temporary outfall will allow the BWA to safely discharge the effluent from the South Coast Sewage Treatment Plant out to the sea, pending the upgrade of the South Coast Sewage Plant, as well as the repairs to the existing sewer network.

Stantec Consulting Caribbean Ltd. has been chosen as the independent Project Engineer to work on behalf of the BWA to provide engineering advice and supervise the implementation of all the phases of this project.

Baird Consultants have been retained to advise on the alignment and installation of the outfall to minimize any impacts to marine ecosystems during construction and operation. Local marine experts are being consulted to minimize beach impacts and the BWA is working in conjunction with the Barbados Turtle Project to protect turtle nesting areas during the construction phase.


The project will consist of two major components – Land Based and Marine Based. The land based component involves the laying of 750 metres of new pipe from the plant to the vicinity of the sluice gate at Worthing beach. This component has been awarded to C.O. Williams Construction Ltd., which will work with BWA crews to cut the trench, install the pipe and reinstate.

The Marine based component has been awarded to Ward Drilling Inc., which in collaboration with Marenco Ltd., will lay two pipes, a minimum of 1,000 metres in length each following a route designed by Baird Consultants out to sea.

Steve’s Building Works Ltd., as a subcontractor to C.O. Williams Construction Ltd., will be responsible for making approximately 300 concrete anchor blocks (one to two tonnes each) required to anchor the pipes to the seabed and keep the outfall protected in the sea.

The public is advised that, as a result of the opening of the sluice gate during falling tide and the urgent construction of the outfall, the Worthing Beach remains closed and that the carpark at Worthing Beach is also closed, as it is being utilized during the construction of the marine outfall.

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