Deputy Prime Minister, Santia Bradshaw, who has responsibility for the Ministry of Transport, Works and Water Resources. (PMO/FP)

The Ministry of Transport, Works and Water Resources (MTWW) will shortly begin preparation for the installation of a temporary bridge at Bawdens, St. Andrew, to replace that which was closed last week because of fears for the safety of those who drive over it.

Deputy Prime Minister, Santia Bradshaw, who also has ministerial responsibility for the MTWW, confirmed today that a temporary bridge will be installed.

She stressed that her Ministry recognised the considerable hardship and dislocation the closure is causing, and they will, therefore, move with the greatest haste to minimise the time that could elapse between the closure of the old bridge and the reopening of the temporary structure.

Minister Bradshaw also explained that officials of her Ministry were actively working on an approach that would lead to the reopening of the bridge at Baxters/Bruce Vale, in the shortest possible time.

In the meanwhile, she stated residents across the Scotland District can look forward to the start of major road rehabilitation and bridge construction under the China-funded COMPLANT project in the coming weeks.

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