??Minister of Family, Culture, Sports and Youth, Stephen Lashley, viewing drawings of the buildings to be constructed at the Rock Hall Freedom Village, while Permanent Secretary, Shirley Farmum (left) and Acting Project Manager of the Ministry of Transport and Works, John Smith (right) and Acting Senior Surveyor in Lands and Surveys Department, Andre Clarke, look on today. (C.Pitt/BGIS)

Construction work will commence soon on facilities at the Rock Hall Freedom Village site.

This was revealed today by Minister of Culture, Stephen Lashley, who said contracts for the construction of shops and bathroom facilities at the Freedom Village had already been awarded and work should begin by June 1.

Mr. Lashley made the comments after visiting the St. Thomas-based site and engaging in discussions with officials from the Ministries of Housing and Lands, Transport and Works and Culture.

He further disclosed that a meeting would be held shortly with residents of the area to update them on the project.

Admitting that there were some concerns which had to be addressed, Mr. Lashley expressed confidence they could be dealt with. "There are some relocation issues to be looked at and we want to ensure that those are expedited. However, there is still the option of proceeding with elements of the project until we can get the relocation sorted," he explained.

The Minister stressed that the Freedom Village was of significant historic importance, not only to St. Thomas, but nationally because it was the first free village established by former African slaves in Barbados. (SA/BGIS)


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