Minister of Culture, Stephen Lashley, delivering his presentation at the unveiling ceremony. (A. Miller/BGIS)

Owners of buildings in the Historic Bridgetown and its Garrison site have been reminded that they must have discussions with the Division of Culture before undertaking major work in the area.

This reminder came yesterday from Culture Minister, Stephen Lashley, as he addressed a ceremony at the West Wing of Parliament for the unveiling of a logo, jingle and Facebook page for Historic Bridgetown and its Garrison.

Acknowledging that Government would welcome and encourage restoration or preservation projects, Mr. Lashley said, however, it was important that all stakeholders, including Government agencies, "remember we are now a World Heritage Site with an obligation to uphold internationally recognised standards".

He continued: "I, therefore, wish to encourage the greatest level of consultation with my Ministry in contemplation of any projects within Historic Bridgetown and its Garrison.?? In other words, it is no longer a question of every man breaking for himself. It must be a collaborative exercise, where all of us recognise there are systems and processes that need to be respected. There are prescribed international standards that must be maintained and we must ensure that we all act within these stated parameters."

The Minister pointed out that "very strict stipulations" came with the act of inscription. "First and foremost, it is now the Government of Barbados, through the Division of Culture and Sports, that has ultimate responsibility for the management of the site.?? My Ministry, working hand in hand with the local World Heritage Committee, will liaise with the UNESCO World Heritage Centre, to ensure that things in this regard are done correctly," he promised.

He praised the stakeholders for demonstrating their commitment to the preservation of the site, and urged others to join the Ministry in ensuring that it was efficiently managed.

"The inscription will provide the opportunity for more public and private collaboration to revitalise cultural and social activity within Historic Bridgetown and its Garrison," he suggested.??

Historic Bridgetown and its Garrison was inscribed on the World Heritage List last June 25, for its contribution to the development of the British Empire and the Atlantic World.


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