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The Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs (DCCA) is satisfied that Sobers Minimart, Shorey Village, St. Thomas has acted to correct a situation related to pricing at that establishment.

The DCCA stated that on receiving a report regarding the unusual pricing at Sobers Minimart in Shorey Village, St. Andrew, it investigated the matter on Friday April 17. 

It was explained that a Trading Standards Officer from the DCCA, assigned to the investigation, reported that items sold at Sobers Minimart were compared to prices captured within the Basket of Goods monitored by the DCCA.

The investigation revealed that some prices of items sold at the minimart were in-line with average prices within the Basket of Goods. Moreover, prices of the items investigated were within usual market margins.

The owner of Sobers Minimart stated that the prices currently being offered to customers are at pre-COVID-19 levels.

The investigation by the DCCA also revealed that a pre-packaged piece of cheese sold to a regular customer from the community was incorrectly priced.

The owner apologised for the error in pricing and the inconvenience caused to the customer and stated that efforts were being undertaken to reimburse the customer for the difference in price paid.

The Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs is satisfied that the mini-mart has taken the right decision in rectifying the error while adhering to consumer rights principles.

The DCCA in guarding against any such perceived irregularities in pricing, has asked Sobers Minimart to place price signage, net weight and unit price on the category of items being sold to customers. Sobers Minimart has agreed to work with the DCCA on the price marking recommendation.

This consumer rights call to have prices displayed on items is being requested, by the DCCA, of all retailers during and after the COVID-19 period.

Moreover, the DCCA is encouraging retailers, large and small,  and wholesalers to maintain pre-COVID-19 prices during this current pandemic.

The Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs is further encouraging consumers to execute their responsibility by reporting any incidents of irregularities in pricing, to its officers.

The department may be contacted at 535-7000/1 or emailed at commerce.ca@barbados.gov.bb.

Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs

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