The Animal Control Centre of the Ministry of Health has expressed concern about the presence of stray dogs in Bridgetown and its environs.

As a result, the Centre is advising persons who live in or near the City or who own and operate businesses not to leave any particles of food around their premises.

Consequently, persons are advised to keep their garbage in sealed containers at all times.Moreover, streets and alleys should be kept clear of rubbish on a daily basis, especially around restaurants, food shops, market places, hospitals, clinics, food processing plants, roadside vendors, bus terminals and schools.?? Too much shrubbery is also discouraged and individuals should try to keep their hedges as short as possible.?? Individuals are also reminded to ensure that discarded vehicles and appliances are collected by the proper authorities.

The Animal Control Centre will continue to monitor the City and its environs periodically and any dogs found straying in public will be caught and impounded.

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