Barbadians and tourists alike will have the opportunity to purchase an  autographed copy of the coffee table text ‘Barbados: A Coral Paradise’  tomorrow, Friday April 3, between 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m., when officials from the Coastal Zone  Management Unit (CZMU) and  the Centre for Environmental Resource Management (CERMES)  conduct a book signing  at  Cave Shepherd, Broad Street.

The text describes the coral reefs of Barbados, their biology, geology, location, health and management, against a vivid backdrop of Barbadian poetry, art and photography, inspired by coral reefs. 

Its primary authors are: Marine Biologists, Angelique Brathwaite and Ramon Roach of CZMU and Dr. Hazel Oxenford, Professor of Marine Ecology and Fisheries at CERMES, University of the West Indies.

The text was launched on December 10, last year, as part of the International Year of the Reef celebrations, which took place throughout 2008. It is both educational and entertaining, and should appeal to locals and visitors.

Dr. Oxenford, a Professor at the University of the West Indies for the past 26 years, has extensive Caribbean research, and teaching experience, primarily in applied fisheries biology and management of oceanic pelagic and coral reef species in tropical Small Island Developing States.

She also has considerable consulting experience primarily in technical fisheries project reviews and tropical marine environmental monitoring and impact assessments.

Angelique Brathwaite is a trained marine biologist with the CZMU who has been working in the field for sixteen years. Her work experience includes extensive coral reef research and ecosystem management, as well as working to develop and enforce environmental policy and legislation.

Her colleague, Ramon Roach, is a trained marine biologist at the CZMU, with a strong background in data management and analysis, as well as Geographical Information Systems (GIS). His research interests include data management systems, online GIS application development, water quality modelling, and data visualisation.


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