Minister of Labour & Social Security, Dr. Esther Byer Suckoo (top/centre)??in discussion with members of CORE and representatives of the Ministery of Labour & Social Security last week at the Ministry of Labour. (G.Brewster/BGIS)

Issues pertaining to economic recovery, developing the manufacturing sector, social partnership cooperation, and government’s role in creating an enabling environment for businesses were among the topics discussed when Minister of Labour and Social Security, Dr. Esther Byer Suckoo, met with members of the Coalition for the Revitalization of the Economy (CORE).

The meeting was part of continued efforts of the Sub-Committee of the Social Partnership to engage with interest groups on innovative ideas to spur economic growth.??

CORE’s chief approach to economic growth is the revitalisation of Small and Medium Sized Manufacturers (SMMs) and the Argo Sector.?? The group proposed to work with the social partnership to achieve export development in the form of joint venture participation.?? Its plan addresses national issues such as expansion of the job market; food security; increasing the island’s foreign exchange reserves; and higher wages.

Minister Suckoo stated she supported CORE’s goal of stimulating the manufacturing and agro sectors of the Barbadian economy.?? She added that she had "identified some key areas in the plan which fit into the social partnership’s goal to revitalise the economy". ??

The Labour Minister said the next step would be for the Sub-Committee of the Social Partnership to examine CORE’s proposal, then make recommendations.

Minister Suckoo praised CORE for its input and thanked the group for being a part of the "togetherness approach" of the Sub Committee of Social Partnership.

The Labour Minister also encouraged other interested groups to share suggestions on economic recovery with the Sub Committee of the Social Partnership.????

CORE was represented by Business Consultant, Jeffrey Evanson; International Business Consultant, Ludouic Lousdhon; Businessman, Trevor Clarke; Economist, Robert Morris; Entrepreneur, Peter Miller; and Agro-entrepreneur Kesley Holder. ??


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