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The Barbados Agricultural Management Corporation Limited (BAMC) is seeking persons to harvest Barbados’ Sea Island Cotton.

Agronomist, Nyah Nyhathu, noted that West Indian Sea Island Cotton is one of the rarest and finest cottons in the world, comparable to silk and cashmere cotton, and it is usually harvested in the months of February and March.

Mr. Nyhathu said: “For the month of February, fields located at Constant Farm, Dash Valley and Salters, in St. George, and Three Houses, St. Philip, are ready to be harvested, and persons are urgently needed at the Three Houses location.

“Fields located at Edgecliff, St. John, Newton Christ Church, and Fairview St. George will be ready for harvesting during the month of March.”

Persons who are unemployed, or otherwise employed, but can use some extra cash, may contact BAMC’s Area Office at 437-5465, or Exclusive Cottons of the Caribbean Inc. at 433-3108.


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