Teachers from the Luther Thorne Memorial Primary School will, tomorrow, Friday, March 30, undergo training in the planning of lessons for students with different abilities.??

The Ministry of Education and Human Resource Development will conduct the half-day course on Differentiated Instruction at the institution in Wildey, St. Michael from 9:30 a.m.

According to Education Officer, and main facilitator for the workshop, Cheryl Sargeant-Speede, differentiated instruction is a concept that emphasises learning for all students, irrespective of their capability.

"It is characterised by proactive planning and such planning must be for each student, the high achiever; those who are mid stream and the student who is considered average.

"It takes into consideration individual differences of students in a classroom and seeks to meet the needs of all. Apart from the intellectual ability, it looks also at pupil interests and readiness," Mrs. Sargeant-Speede said.

The objective is to have more teachers utilising the strategies and information given for planning to reflect individual differences which children present.


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