Prime Minister David Thompson (centre) is pictured receiving a special gift from General Manager of Courtesy Garage Limited, Nicholas Mackie, at that organisation???s annual luncheon and awards ceremony at the Crane Hotel, St. Philip. Also witnessing the presentation is Courtesy Garage Limited???s Divisional General Manager Ian Alleyne.????

???This is the time when all those who want to see this country move up to the next level of development should pull together.???

This suggestion was made by Prime Minister David Thompson, last week, as he delivered the feature address at Courtesy Garage???s luncheon and awards ceremony, at Crane Hotel and Resorts Ltd, St. Philip.????

Mr. Thompson said: ???I ??? want to appeal to all of you to consider this current economic recession, not as a cause for gloom and doom, but as part of the cycle of boom and slump that characterises free-market economies.???

The Prime Minister stated that visitors to Barbados had difficulty in understanding how this country, with its limited natural resources, could have such a relatively high standard of living.

He pointed out that to date, Barbados had 130,000 vehicles on its roads and had a ratio of one vehicle to every two persons, with the demand increasing.

Mr. Thompson acknowledged that Courtesy Garage Ltd was part of a Barbadian success story and commended the company for emerging from humble beginnings in the 1920s, to becoming a ???highly regarded distributor??? in Barbados and across the Caribbean.

???You are now one of the jewels in the crown of Goddard Enterprises Limited, with assets of over $30 million, with 120 plus employees ??? and occupying one of the prime sites in the rapidly growing business districts of Wildey.???

He revealed that inspite of the economic recession, the garage had maintained its employment levels, was diversifying its services and products and helping to spread the enterprise culture in Barbados by encouraging and financing employee training initiatives.

The Prime Minister opined the organisation would achieve its goals because of its emphasis on customer, employee and shareholder satisfaction.

He underscored that: ???This people-centred approach makes sense in a country, where our people are our most valuable asset. And, this is highly consistent with Government???s policy of creating the conditions for our citizens to realize their potential at school, at work and at play.???

Over 60 employees received awards at the ceremony.??clashley@barbados.gov.bb

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