Barbados’ COVID-19 Czar, Richard Carter. (GP)

Barbadians have been given their final warning – obey the protocols or face sanctions, which include the closing down of businesses that do not comply, from as early as today.

COVID-19 Czar Richard Carter said his message, which is supported by the Cabinet of Barbados, “is an absolute and final warning”, as he expressed disappointment at recent the conduct of some Barbadians and particularly over the weekend.

Mr. Carter advised the public that:

  • Bars, restaurants, night clubs and other entertainment establishments that fail to rigorously observe the protocols will be closed down;
  • Public service vehicles which fail to observe the protocols for wearing face masks by drivers, conductors and passengers will be pulled off the road;
  • Supermarkets and shops which breach the protocols will be closed;
  • Vendors in public markets selling fruit, vegetables or fish who fail to observe the protocols will be closed down.

The Czar continued: “Everyone is reminded that the penalty under the Emergency Directive for breaching these protocols is liability on summary conviction to a fine of $50,000 or to imprisonment for a term of one year or both.”

Mr. Carter said the behaviour of a number of Barbadians attending social and entertainment events over the weekend showed “irresponsibility” at two levels.

“Their actions showed recklessness on the part of a large number of persons who attended and disregarded the protocols for wearing face masks, physical distancing and sanitisation; and those owners or organisers who breached the protocols under which they are allowed to operate,” he stated.

He reminded the public that the responsibility for protection from COVID-19 rests with every single individual.  

“It is sad that as we approach the eve of the day of National Significance on July 26, which marks the extraordinary sacrifice of many Barbadians in 1937, so that we can enjoy the benefits of the modern Barbados we have today, Barbadians continue to put all of that at risk by their failure to observe COVID-19 protocols,” he lamented.

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