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The National Insurance Office wishes to advise members of the public who are in quarantine or isolation due to COVID-19 that they can now submit their claims for sickness benefit via an online form.

To facilitate this process, claimants must provide a valid email address to medical practitioners from the Ministry of Health and Wellness assigned to the Home Quarantine and Home Isolation Programme. An email alert will be sent to claimants after the medical practitioner has signed the electronic sickness benefit form. 

Claimants need to complete Section 1 – Personal Details, Section 2 – Employment Details and the Declaration on the electronic sickness benefit form.

The completed form will be forwarded to the National Insurance Office after the claimant submits the form electronically. The claimant will receive a copy of the form for their records. 

Please ensure that valid email addresses are provided to receive the email alerts and correct NIS numbers are submitted on the claim.

The stipulated eligibility and qualifying conditions as stated in the National Insurance and Social Security Act CAP 47 will be applied to all sickness benefit claims.  

To learn more about NIS benefits, please visit the website at nis.gov.bb.

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