Deputy Chief Environmental Health Officer Ronald Chapman conducting the training session for Child Care Board employees on the COVID-19 protocols for day nurseries. (C.Pitt/BGIS)

As day nurseries and pre-schools prepare for reopening soon, the Environmental Health Department of the Ministry of Health and Wellness is conducting training in the COVID-19 protocols for all operators and employees.

This week, 61 workers attached to eight of the public day nurseries under the aegis of the Child Care Board, completed the training. The group comprised supervisors, assistant supervisors, nursing assistants, general workers and cooks.

Deputy Chief Environmental Health Officer, Ronald Chapman, explained that information shared during the training sessions related to the direct and indirect transmission of COVID-19, a review of the protocols devised for the day care facilities, and advice on how they should be implemented.

He added that an important segment of the workshop was the question and answer session, which gave participants an opportunity to raise their concerns, and have them addressed.

Training has also been conducted for operators and employees of private day nurseries and pre-schools. 

The Environmental Health Department expects to complete training within the next week for staff of the remaining seven public day nurseries.

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