Barbados COVID-19 Daily Dashboard for January 14-15, 2021.

Government continues its efforts to effectively address the outbreak of Covid-19 in Barbados.

Cases January 14

January 14 saw an increase in the number of persons testing positive by 51; 27 of whom were male and 24 female. 20 of the people who tested positive on this date are from HMP Dodds (4 Female Staff, 5 Male Staff and 11 Male Inmates). Of the tests done, there were 3 repeat tests and all 3 were repeat positive.

Total Cases at Dodds are 330. This is broken down into  81 staff cases, 50 males, 31 females. The total number of cases among inmates is 249, all of whom are male.

Patients in isolation are recovering and 5 persons were released from isolation on January 14.

A total of 19 persons were sent to Harrison Point for assessment.

Cases January 15

A total of 37 new positive cases were recorded on January 15, of which  17 were male and 20 female. Of the 37 new positives, 13 are from HMP (3 female staff, 1 male staff and 9 male inmates)

Some 9 persons were released from isolation on that date.

At the time of publication, the breakdown of the countries of origin for all travelers was incomplete. Those details will be supplied in future reports.

Backlog At The Lab

The level of care of patients at isolation facilities continues at a high standard. The backlog of tests results available from the lab is being reduced. This indicates that the increases in capacity, equipment, staffing and hours of operation, combined with new systems to categorise and prioritise persons awaiting results, is creating improvements. Although the backlog at the Best-dos Santos Laboratory is steadily getting smaller, there are still samples which have not yet been processed.

The lab is running a dual system, working on the backlog while trying to keep current. Between January 7 and January 10th, some 7489 samples were collected. Of those 5440 tests were completed. This left a backlog of 2049. For the period January 11-14, 4046 samples were collected, 2,238 tested, leaving some 1808 yet to be completed.

In keeping with the science and medical advice on the pattern of the illness and contagion risks, the Ministry of Health and Wellness is now offering rapid antigen testing and release to persons who have spent between 10-14 days in quarantine and whose rapid tests yield a negative result. This will apply to all travelers currently in quarantine, Barbadians and non-nationals.

Isolation Facilities as of 7am SATURDAY 16 JANUARY 2021

CURRENT TOTALS:312 positive patients and 1 negative individual

MALES: 60 + (178 inmates)         FEMALES: 75                     (Total at HP = 114)

ADMISSIONS – 11+ (12 inmates)

DISCHARGES 16 + (73 inmates)

Harrison Point 

  1. Primary Isolation: There are 16 patients (8 females, 7 males, 1 negative male) in this section including 1 minor (1 male) in this section.
  2. Secondary Isolation: There are 19 patients (8 females, 11 males) in this section.
  • Tertiary Isolation: There are 79 patients (49 females, 30 males) in this section.
  • Private Isolation: There are 6 patients (3 females, 3 males) in this section.

Blackman & Gollop Isolation

There are 15 patients (7 females, 8 males) in this section.

  • 10 Discharges
  • HMP Dodds Isolation

There are 178 patients (178 male inmates) in this section.

  • 73 Discharges + 34 pending discharges       

There were no deaths at any isolation facility today.


There are currently 312 patients in isolation as of January 16, making for a total of 609 people who have been in isolation facilities since Barbados’ first case. The lab has performed 87,241 tests c to date. The island has recorded 1095 positive cases, 656 male, 439 female. There have been 479 recoveries. Seven people have died; may they Rest In Peace. 

Members of the public are urged to follow all safety protocols, keep the curfew, wash or sanitise hands, wear masks and stand at least 6 feet from people who are not members of the same household.

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