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The National Disabilities Unit (NDU) has requested that persons with disabilities who are desirous of receiving the COVID-19 vaccine, register with the Unit.

Individuals who have not already registered for the vaccine should submit their name, address, national identification number, telephone number, email address (where applicable), any Non-Communicable Diseases, and type of disability by calling or sending a WhatsApp message to 266-5048.

Registration is also being facilitated online via an electronic form, which may be accessed either through the link published on the Facebook page of the NDU or by printing and completing the attached Registration Page that is also available on Facebook.

The completed form may be submitted either via the link on Facebook or emailed to disabilities.unit@barbados.gov.bb.

Additionally, the National Disabilities Unit advises that the hearing impaired may also use 266-5048 to submit the required information via WhatsApp to register or to seek further information.

Details on appointments and provisions for persons who are immobile will be issued in a subsequent notice.

National Disabilities Unit

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