The Commission for Pan African Affairs (CPAA) wants to see Barbadians participating in Kwanzaa celebrations here which commence on December 26 and end on January 1.

Kwanzaa is a non-religious celebration that is value-based and transcends all religions.

The activities to observe Kwanzaa are aimed at bringing members of the community together to celebrate all accomplishments during the year, while reflecting on and promoting the positive values of Kwanzaa.

This year the focus will be on positive values including unity; Self Determination; Collective Work and Responsibility; Cooperative Economics; Purpose; Creativity and Faith. Evenings of poetry, storytelling, lectures, fashion shows and cultural events are also on the programme.

CPAA Project Officer, Tempu Nefertari, noted that “the principles are not for Pan-Africanists alone but for all persons interested in living with purpose and uniting to make a better way for all of us. This Kwanzaa, we want to embrace, educate and empower as we move forward with purpose in 2007”.

This year, the events being hosted are characterized by community togetherness and the CPAA is imploring groups and individuals to contribute their talent and food towards the celebrations.

“We are therefore encouraging donations of dances, songs, instrumental pieces and food for the Kwanzaa table and food to share among those in attendance,” Nefertari said.

Persons wishing to make donations may contact Ms. Tempu Nefertari at the CPAA at telephone number 228-8757 or e-mail

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