The National Task Force on Crime Prevention has rewarded students who participated in its recent art competition.

Nine children from 10 primary and secondary schools received their prizes yesterday, during a ceremony at Hotel PomMarine, Hastings, Christ Church. Eight others were given special mention.

Entrants from three age-groups were asked to depict the theme: ???Reducing Crime in Our Schools???.

In the six to eight age-group, Tianna Wickham and Toshai Glasglow of St. Philip Primary School, copped first and third places, respectively, while Salaman Jack of Roland Edwards Primary, took second place.

Pupils of People???s Cathedral took honours in all categories in the nine to 11 age-group. First place went to Tiffany Brathwaite, Kelvin King placed second, while third place was awarded to Joshua Walker.

In the 12 to 14 category, students of Deighton Griffith Secondary School emerged triumphant, with Mia Culpepper placing first, Camille Depeiza, second?? and Chakiya Chase, third.

Special mention went to Andia Roach of Westbury Primary School, Zera Yaicob and Marisha Mahabir of the Rock Christian Primary School; Lauren-Ann Rowe and Kemar Harris of Deighton Griffith Secondary School,?? and Brenden Gonsalves, Melanie Aprah Taylor-John and Krishai Watson, all of Queen???s College.

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