A??Government official has reiterated the need for accurate testing if the island’s goods are to effectively compete overseas.

Chief Technical Officer at the Barbados National Standards Institution (BNSI), Haydn Rhynd, underscored the importance of accurate and reliable testing yesterday during a two-day workshop sponsored by the CARICOM Regional Organisation for Standards and Quality and the National Institute of Standards and Technology, at the Savannah Hotel, Hastings, Christ Church.

He said precise measurements were crucial as they related to the export of goods. "Testing is very important because in Barbados we are no longer just competing with local goods anymore. So, we have to ensure that our goods can compete on the international arena," Mr. Rhynd emphasised.

Meanwhile, Mariana Arce-Osuna, an expert in Measurement Uncertainty at the University of Massachusetts, in her presentation entitled: Estimation of Uncertainty in Measurement, explored topics such as Metrology, Measuring Uncertainty, Measurement and Specification of a Measurand.

The workshop, which attracted participants from departments such as the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Pine Hill Dairy and BNSI, concludes today.


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